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FlexiBrush is the newest multi-purpose hair styling tool on the market this year. The product can be used for many hair-related needs including but not limited to straightening and blow drying among others. FlexiBrush is easy to use as it is a simple device with no hidden secrets. The brush can be used on any hair type and it will successfully work with each so that every customer who buys FlexiBrush is satisfied with their purchase.

⭐All Hair Types
FlexiBrush can be used on all types of hair. It can be used on straight, curly, and wavy hair. The brush can also be used on any thickness of hair from thin to thick.

FlexiBrush is a gentle hair styling tool. It doesn't pull, rip, or tear the hair and works to run through the hair seamlessly and ouch-free. The mechanism behind the brush's gentleness is the unique bristles and detangling pins that are located on the brush.

⭐Straightens and Detangles Hair
The product can both brush and straighten your hair at the same time, all the while detangling it. You can do all three with your hair while using the brush for just 15-20 minutes.

⭐Blow Dries and Styles
FlexiBrush not only straightens, detangles, and brushes your hair, but it also blow dries it. The brush can be used as a blow dryer to dry your hair after a shower or bath. Then, you can use the brush yet again to style it.

⭐No Frizz
The product works to remove frizz from your hair as you use the brush. By using the brush to defrizz your hair, you don't have to use any product or special serums.

Hot Surface
Once FlexiBrush has been turned on, the surface of the brush that comes in contact with your hair can become hot. Avoid touching this area. Failure to do so could result in burns and skin irritation or pain.

Not Waterproof
Although the product can be used to blow dry wet hair, the product itself should never be submerged or come in contact with water or moisture. If it comes in contact with anything wet, the brush can short out and stop working or cause burns and injury.

Does It Really Work?
Yes! The tried and tested technology that makes Flexibrush so useful really works. Each function that the brush has works well and has been tested dozens of times before the product launched. This is how you can be sure that the brush works just as good as it says it does and that you won't be disappointed with your purchase of the brush.

Save Money
Flexibrush saves you the financial burden of buying individual hair styling tools that can be expensive and break easily. These tools also need to be replaced often, but Flexibrush is guaranteed to last a long time.

Save Time
If you're in a rush, using Flexibrush can be a lifesaver. As soon as you pick up the brush, you're holding all of the styling tools that you will need. That means no searching through drawers or untangling power cords. It also means that you don't have to wait for multiple styling tools to heat up if you need to use more than one for your hairstyle.